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Below are just a few of the offerings that St. Clair Services is working on to help better the lives of older adults. 
If you have any questions or would like more details, please call us at (205) 979-5538 or request more information at St. Clair Services Email.

Web Enabled Community TV Channel
Please Click the link below to view information on a product that is going to revolutionize how nursing homes and assisted living homes will communicate with residents, families and prospects alike.  Also please click the Touchtown TV+ Therapeutic Benefits link below to see how you can use TouchTownTV+ to increase the quality of life for your residents! 


Take a look at the link below and see what is going on at the Village at Cook Springs.  Now you can always know what Mom and Dad are having for dinner and can even talk with them about all the activities they are involved in. 
The Village at Cook Springs TV+ Webshow

Marketing Website & EZ Mail
For a very low price we can design and build your community its very own website with access to Resident WebPal (A senior-friendly Web Portal) as well as email accounts and access to EZ-Mail for each one of your residents.  Please click the link below to see an example of some of the features offered.
Resident WebPal
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